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Red Robin – Revisited

August 21st, 2009 · 2 Comments · Dining Review, Travel

Red Robin Menu DSC05774Friday nights at Red Robin are always busy, and today’s visit was no exception.  After waiting for 20 minutes, we were shown to our table.  I asked for a gluten-free menu this time, in hopes that they would pay more attention to the fact that my meal would need to be prepared differently than Rick’s.

We were here a week ago and it’s a good thing that I didn’t write a review then.  The manager ended up comping both of our meals because mine was so messed up (twice!).

Red Robin serves gourmet burgers.  I always have several choices for the entre, but since I started counting calories a couple months ago, my standby favorite is the Grilled Salmon Burger, no sauces, no bun.  I always ask them to make it a lettuce wrap instead so that I can pick it up to eat it rather than eating it with a knife and fork.  I’ve been getting either steamed broccoli or mandarin oranges as a side; both are excellent low-cal choices.

While we were waiting for our table, we hard the crew singing Happy Birthday to someone.  On a busy Friday or Saturday night, we’ve heard them singing 5-6 times.  How many songs would we hear tonight, I wondered.

After 20 minutes of waiting, I went up to see if we were forgotten – they had already called our name!  How did we miss that?  No matter….they seated us right away.

Freckled Lemonade DSC05781I ordered a Freckled Lemonade and Rick ordered a Coke.  A Freckled Lemonade comes with fresh strawberries and a wedge of lemon.  Very refreshing!  It’s the fresh strawberries that make the drink.

When I placed my order from the gluten-free menu, I just stated what I wanted and how I wanted it.  I did not bring up the mistakes that were made the previous two visits.

While we waited for the food, I practiced macro photography, taking photos of the drinks and coasters/menu.  I was going to have Rick handle all the food photography until he reminded me that there will be times at Disney when I’ll be eating without him (breakfasts, mostly).  I’ll need to be able to take non-blurry photos of the food that I’m eating.  The photos turned out fairly well tonight.

The food arrived and it was perfect!  My salmon burger was exactly how I ordered it!  Hurray!  I didn’t have to call over the manager to make it right!  We took a few photos of the food (Rick had already taken a bit out of his burger) and then got down to eating.  Lettuce Wrapped Salmon Burger DSC05821

A few minutes later, the manager stopped by our table to see how everything was.  It was the same manager from last week!  He said that he was glad that my meal was prepared quickly…and that he noticed us taking photos and me writing everything down.  Well, I had to tell him why I was doing a review – that it had nothing to do with the service or quality of food at Red Robin the previous week.  He laughed and said that he wanted to hear a report when we got back from Disney as to how they handle food for people with dietary restrictions as they are always trying to improve their methods.  I promised him that we’d stop back with a report.

Steamed Broccoli DSC05819

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  • Kris

    Do you know where I could buy those twisted Red Robin cups?

  • admin

    Red Robin provides the following info on their site: http://www.redrobin.com/faq

    “Where can I buy Red Robin glassware or other merchandise with your logo?
    We offer Red Robin glassware and a limited variety of other Red Robin logo merchandise. You can check availability or submit a request to purchase Red Robin merchandise by sending us a General Comment through our Contact Us page.”

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